The process is quite simple. You post a job ad as you've always done on other job boards and we'll generate a link that is going to be included in the ad to enable candidates to participate in our pre-selection system. You just have to tell the system what you want to ask and how you would rate the answers. It will do the rest though an automated process. The system will interview your candidates, thereby providing a ranking of the thousands of resumes you've received based on the answers to the specific questions you provided. It eliminates those who do not give the right response to key questions and don't possess the required skills for your job opening. Don't waste any more time reading through the wrong resumes. Don't miss out on the opportunity to interview the right person. We'll help you find your needle in the haystack.


Dream Job allows candidates to subscribe to their dreams. The subscriber has to navigate through SUSBSCIBE NOW button on the Bottom side. A person has to go through two fields (Location and Role) to reach the final page where he/she would insert his/her email to subscribe to that job. After the confirmation of the sent email, the person would be able to add/change his/her preferences with the corresponding drop down menus. Recruiters will have the same drop down menus to invite relevant candidates for screening interviews to their job posts. When a subscriber responds on a screening interview, the recruiter will have access to the information of the candidate.