Rekruited for Employers

REKRUITED is a new and innovative recruiting platform, with which employers/recruiters are given the opportunity to reach the right candidates, saving them long hours of manually screening CVs. The list of candidates is sorted and screened by the system, using the criteria of the questionnaire set by employers. Good respondents are sorted automatically and ranked, according to the allocated marks in questionnaire.Thus, candidates are rewarded not for luck but for merit. Top candidates can then be contacted for in-person interviews after this first automated screening., a 100% free service, will help to save the endless hours that are normally spent reading numerous CVs in order to choose the right candidate. This time-consuming task will soon become a thing of the past!

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Recruitment was never so easy before REKRUITED!

Only Three Steps to reach ideal candidate(s)...

Step 1
Add a Job
Step 2
Create an Interview
Step 3
Invite Candidates

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Rekruited for Candidates

Dream Job aims to fill the gap between job seekers and employers without having conventional public profiles and traditional job posts. Dream Job gives you the opportunity to get direct invitations for in-person interviews only for the specific jobs you are looking for.


Recruiters or companies invite candidates by sending them a direct questionnaire, only to subscribers to that specific job, following which, all specific subscribers are invited to a screening interview. Then all the respondents are automatically evaluated by the system using criteria previously set by recruiters/companies. Remember! To protect the privacy of candidates, the recruiters will be able to see your profile/credentials only after your response to the received screening invitation, not before.

Step 1
Subscribe a City and a Role
Step 2
Stay Active at your profile
Step 3
Get Direct Screening Interviews

Book your future NOW! Subscribe by choosing a combination of LOCATION and ROLE. Do not lose this opportunity!

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Dear Employers! Our system understands your business needs and selects the best candidates.

Our system has been developed with the help of industry experts with over 10 years of experience in staff recruiting services who have worked for a broad spectrum of the industry sectors. We can help you to find the right candidate(s) based on your actual needs. No matter what your field of work is, our pre-selection system will make skimming through countless curricula a memory of the distant past.

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